Marble Works Pharmacy Privacy Policy

Marble Works Pharmacy (“we” or “our”) is firmly committed to protecting the confidentiality of our members’ (“you” or “your”) personal and medical information. In this Privacy Policy, any information containing your personally identifiable information which can be used to identify you (such as your name, mailing address, phone number, cell phone number, or e-mail address) is referred to as “Personal Information”; and any Personal Information containing your health or medical status is referred to as “Health-Related Personal Information”. All other information (such as your IP address or the automatic tracking of the pages of this site that you access) is collectively referred to as “Non-Personal Information.”

When you enroll in a Marble Works Pharmacy service, we ask that you disclose to us only the Personal Information required to meet your needs. Please understand that, when enrolling in a service, you are providing Personal information on a voluntary basis.

We have developed the following practices and policies to safeguard your information.

Your Non-Personal Information

Marble Works Pharmacy reserves the right to use your Personal Information or Health-Related Personal Information to generate (summarized data that does not identify you) for the following purposes:

Marble Works Pharmacy is always seeking better ways to serve you. We may perform statistical analyses of the traffic patterns, site usage and behaviors associated with our Website. We may use these analyses to generate aggregate data which we may sell or disclose to other companies or organizations.

Marble Works Pharmacy analyzes utilization information in the aggregate to study outcomes, costs, and provider profiles, and to suggest benefit designs for your employer or health plan. These studies generate aggregate data which we may sell or disclose to other companies or organizations.

General Tracking Information

When you visit the

Marble Works Pharmacy website, we may collect Non-Personal Information from you, such as the Internet browser or computer operating system you are using. Our web server automatically collects this information, including your IP address, when you request pages from our server. Your IP address is a number that is used by computers connected to the Internet to identify your computer so that data (such as the web pages you request) can be sent to you. We aggregate this data with data on the pages visited by other users to track overall visitor traffic patterns.We use this information only to provide you with better service connections and improved website. We will not sell or disclose your Non-Personal Information collected from the Marble Works Pharmacy website to other companies or organizations.


When you view our website, we may store information on your computer. This information will be in the form of a cookie or similar file and will be used to determine ways to improve our website, advertisements, products or services. With most Internet browsers, you can erase cookies from your hard drive, block all cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. Please refer to your browser’s instructions or online help files to learn more about these functions.

Your Personal Information

When you register for a Marble Works Pharmacy service or make service elections (such as choosing a prescription benefit package under your plan), you may voluntarily provide us with both Personal Information and Health-Related Personal Information.

Marble Works Pharmacy will not use or disclose your Personal Information or your Health-Related Personal Information in a manner inconsistent with applicable law. Examples of uses and disclosures include:

We will manage your prescription benefits and process your prescription drug claims. This process may involve sharing certain information with you or your doctor, pharmacist, health plan or plan administrator. These disclosures are made in full accordance with the terms of your health plan or prescription benefit plan.

We will process and send you orders you have placed through Marble Works Pharmacy.

We may send you information regarding health conditions, medicines, or promotional offers.

We may send you information or contact you regarding programs designed to improve your health.

In certain circumstances, Marble Works Pharmacy may be legally compelled to release your Personal Information or Health-Related Personal Information in response to a court order, subpoena, search warrant, law or regulation. Under these circumstances, we will notify you unless doing so would violate the law or court order.

Family Member Information

Marble Works Pharmacy’s member-dedicated website may include features through which you can view the prescription history for all covered household members under the age of 18. When registering to use this website, subscribers can also elect to view the prescription history for anyone in the household. Such information is deemed to be that adult dependent’s Health-Related Personal Information under this Privacy Policy and is included in the clauses protecting each member’s Personal Information and Health-Related Personal Information.

To view prescription history information or other such Health-Related Personal Information for adult dependents, the subscriber must certify (at the time of registration by following the certification procedures and instructions on the registration pages of the website) that permission has been obtained from the affected dependents. The subscriber also must agree to use the dependents’ prescription history solely for the purposes of prescription benefit management. By providing the certification, you understand and agree that you are strictly prohibited from using any adult dependant’s Prescription history for any other purposes without the written consent of the adult dependent. Marble Works Pharmacy disclaims all present and future liability for any use by you of an adult dependant’s Health-Related Personal Information which exceeds the scope of your certification.

Correct/Update Your Information

You can correct or update your Personal Information at any time using the following options:

Sign in to our website and update your personal information.

Send an e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Write to: Marble Works Pharmacy, PO Box 69, Middlebury, VT 05753

Sale or Transfer of Information in the Event of Merger, Sale, or Bankruptcy

Marble Works Pharmacy considers the information obtained through its website to be significant assets of Marble Works Pharmacy. As a result, in the event Marble Works Pharmacy is acquired, merges with another entity, becomes insolvent and/or declares bankruptcy, the website, and any information obtained through the website, may be transferred or sold to another entity, in accordance with applicable law.

E-Mail Privacy

You can choose to receive e-mail from Marble Works Pharmacy on selected health topics and promotions. These e-mail messages include instructions which will allow you to opt- out from receiving any further e-mails of this type. You can also use our website to send an e-mail inquiry to Marble Works Pharmacy, which may result in a reply being sent to an e-mail address that you provide. Inquiries sent through our website is secure and uses SSL technology.

Responses sent from the Marble Works Pharmacy customer service team to your e-mail provider may not be secure or may be intercepted by third parties. By using the e-mail service, you accept the risk of transmitting information from Marble Works Pharmacy to your personal e-mail address in an unsecure environment.

If you are receiving e-mail correspondence at an employer’s e-mail address, please note that, under law, the employer may be permitted to view the contents of any e-mail messages received at this address. If you are concerned about the confidentiality of your e-mail messages, you may wish to use a home e-mail address.

Usage by Children

As stated in the Family Member Information section of this Privacy Policy, Marble Works Pharmacy’s website is neither intended nor designed to attract users who are under the age of 18.

Marble Works Pharmacy is committed to preventing the unintentional collection of Personal Information and Health-Related Personal Information from children under the age of 13. Any Personal Information or Health-Related Personal Information of a child under 13 that is provided to Marble Works Pharmacy must be provided by the registered adult subscriber, and not by a child under the age of 13 who is using the Marble Works Pharmacy website.

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 13 whom you have reason to believe has provided his or her own Personal Information or Health-Related Personal Information directly to Marble Works Pharmacy, you have the right to request the removal of that child’s Personal Information or Health-Related Personal Information from the Marble Works Pharmacy  database. In order to request such removal, please send an e-mail to:

Links to Other Sites

Marble Works Pharmacy websites may include links to other sites that are not related to, or are not the property of Marble Works Pharmacy. We are not responsible for the dependability or information security of these other sites and the policies pertain only to Marble Works Pharmacy’s website.

Security of Personal Information and Health-Related Personal Information

Marble Works Pharmacy utilizes commercial firewalls and router Access Control Lists at all public network access points to appropriately restrict network traffic. To ensure the security of your Personal Information and Health-Related Personal Information, Marble Works Pharmacy’s website support web browsers that use 128-bit encryption. While such browsers are not required to use Marble Works Pharmacy’s website, we strongly recommend their usage when viewing or entering information.

Security of Website Transactions: Safe Shopping

Marble Works Pharmacy is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified company. The PCI Data Security Standards is a set of 220 controls which must be in place in order for companies to process credit card data. Marble Works Pharmacy security is audited annually for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

By being PCI certified, Marble Works Pharmacy undergoes a thorough examination and review of our security infrastructure by an independent third party to ensure we are in compliance with industry standards. This review is performed annually and has checkpoints throughout the year that ensure security thresholds are maintained between certifications. Marble Works Pharmacy currently has its PCI Report on Compliance (ROC) certifying compliance with PCI requirements.

Marble Works Pharmacy’s website uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to ensure the confidentiality of your check card or credit card information. As your order is transmitted to us, SSL technology prevents other parties from viewing or obtaining your card information.

After receiving your order, we separate your card information from the rest of your order data. We then store your card information on a separate server that is not accessible from the Internet. This prevents external parties, as well as unauthorized internal personnel, from viewing your information.

Outgoing Transmission Security

Marble Works Pharmacy’s website uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol for all outgoing transmissions. SSL encodes information that is being sent over the Internet, helping to ensure that the information remains confidential. Marble Works Pharmacy will do all that is reasonably possible to protect your information.

Changes in Our Privacy Policy

Marble Works Pharmacy uses your Personal Information collected from you only within the scope of use described in this Privacy Policy. However, subject to the terms below, we reserve the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time without advance notice to you. Changes to this Privacy Policy will be prominently posted at the top of this page, along with a reference to the updated effective date. Announcements of policy changes will include any applicable instructions for rejecting the additional use, disclosure or sale of your information.

Your Acceptance of this Policy

By using this website, you signify your acceptance of the terms of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use our website. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions from this Privacy Policy at any time, therefore, we recommend that you be aware of notices of any changes that will be provided to you, including the effective date at the top of this Privacy Policy, and that you review this Privacy Policy from time to time. Your continued use of our website following the posting of changes to these terms means you accept these changes.

How to Send Us Your Comments

We welcome your comments. If you have general feedback regarding this Privacy Policy, please send an e-mail to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Upon submission, any suggestions you make regarding the website become the property of Marble Works Pharmacy, and Marble Works Pharmacy shall have the right to use any of your comments or suggestions without further permission from or notice to you.

Specific questions regarding the enforcement of this policy should be directed to Marble Works Pharmacy Chief Compliance Officer.

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